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Why do we confine ourselves within the four walls? Leaving aside the pandemic called covid, we will once again explore the surroundings of nature. For those who like to see nature up close, like to lose themselves in nature, Sundarbans is the ideal place to spend a few days in such a natural environment. There is no alternative to the Sundarbans to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the forest where the Sundari trees stand tall, In the gap of the hental forest where the tiger uncle hides in search of prey, In the deep waters there are crocodiles, Deer families play in the gaps of the trees. Besides, there is pure oxygen in nature.

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Sundarbans was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Although its Bangladesh and Indian parts are part of the same uninterrupted landform, they are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List under different names, Sundarbans and Sundarbans National Park, respectively.

The Sundarbans is a web of small islands with ocean currents, mudflats and salinity of mangrove forests.

ISLAND Of Sundarban

Sundarban spread in 102 small Islands. 54 of them are inhabited by people. The remaining islands are densely forested. Sundarbans on the border of India and Bangladesh. India’s share is 40 percent.

November to March is the best time to visit Sundarbans.

This is the perfect time to spot wildlife including the very famous Bengal Tiger. Pleasant weather makes your trip more enjoyable. If the heat doesn’t scare you, you can plan to visit the Sundarbans between April and July. Keep in mind that the temperature can rise to 43 degrees Celsius, so you should be well prepared for that as well. Talking about Sundarbans National Park Timings, Sundarbans Safari starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.

As there are no jeep safaris in Sundarbans, you can only indulge in boat safaris.

How to reach Sundarbans :-

You can travel to Sundarbans by train, road Or air. Kolkata serves as a central location for you to reach the Sundarbans. From Kolkata, you can choose the most suitable mode of transport as per your preference. Its approximate distance from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore is 1400, 1700, 1600 km respectively.

Below is how you can visit Sundarbans National Park.

By Air :-

If you are traveling by air, you will need to land at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata. From the airport, you can take a cab or a local train to Canning. It will take you 2 hours to reach Canning. Once you reach Canning, you have to go to Gadkhali Jetty via local shared vans. At Gadkhali Jetty, you can catch a boat to Sundarbans National Park.

By Train :-

From Sundarbans, the nearest railway station is Sealdah Railway Station. So, you have to get down there and board a local train to reach Canning, which will take 2 hours. You can take a local van from Canning to Gadkhali Jetty. From Gadkhali Jetty you have to board a boat to go to Sundarbans.

By Road :-

If you are looking forward to traveling by road, you should go to Gadkhali Or Sonakhali from Kolkata. You can either book a cab, or drive your own car to reach Gadkhali Or Sonakhali.

It will take approximately 3 hours 30 minutes to reach your destination. From Gadkhali Or Sonakhali, you can take a boat to reach Sundarbans National Park West Bengal.

Below We Expalin All Details About Our Sundarban Tour Package :-

  • Sundarban Tour Package Price :

3000/- (Night Stay at Launch),

3800/- (Night Stay at Hotel) (Double Sharing),

3 Sharing 3500/-,

For AC Hotel Room — Rs.1000/- Extra Per Person.
Hotel Stay is Minimum Double Sharing Basis. No Gyser is available in Hotel, Per Bucket hot water charges Rs. 20/-.


Day 1:
Breakfast: — Radha Bhallavi/ Luchi, Alur Dam, Sweet, Tea.

11 A.M — Prawn Pakora

Lunch: — Rice, Murighanta Dal, Beguni, Vegetable, Vola Fish, Bhetki Fish, Chatni, Papad, Card, Lemon.

After Lunch — Fruit
Afternoon: — Tea/ Coffee.
Evening: — Chicken Pokora, Salad, Tea/Coffe.
Dinner: — Fried Rice, Mutton, Salad.

Day 2:
Early Morning: — Bed Tea, Biscuit.
Breakfast: — Nanpuri, Chana Masala, Sweet, Tea/coffee.

11 .M — Amudi Fish Fry
Lunch: — Rice, Dal, fry, Vegetable, Rui Fish, Crabs, Chatni, Papad.

After Lunch — Fruit
Afternoon: — Tea/ Coffee.
Evening: — Chowmin, Tea/ Coffee.
Dinner: — Fried Rice, Chilly Chicken, Salad.

Day 3
Early Morning: — Bed Tea.
Breakfast: — Luchi, Cholar Dal ,Boiled Egg, Tea/ Coffee.

11A.M — Veg Pakora
Lunch: — Rice, Dal, Fry, Vegetable, Doi Katla, Chatni, Papad.


  • Pickup & drop sealdah by Local Train.
  • Pick up & Drop from Canning To Ferrighat by Auto.
  • All Meals like Bed tea, Breakfast, lunch, tiffin, dinner as per package schedule.
  • Jungle Permission.
  • Entry Fee.
  • Boat Safari.
  • Tour Manager.
  • Govt. Tourist Guide.
  • Local Folk Cultural Program.
  • Mattress & pillow at Launch. (Please note: No luxurious facilities are available at our launch for Night Stay. This is only for adventure lovers.)


  • Personal expenditure.
  • Coolie Charge.
  • Any meal out of inclusions.
  • Video Camera Permission Charges Rs.200/- Per Day.

**** Netidhopani Watch tower (Core Area) (November to March) entry fees & Guide Charge Rs.300/- extra ****


Day 1

Becon Bungalow, Hamilton & Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow, Birds Jungle.

On day one, we start our journey towards Sundarban tour from Kolkata, the Durga puja capital of India. You can avail one of the two options for traveling to Sonakhali ferry ghat, one is by train from Sealdah station and the other is by car.

Starting from Sealdah Station at 7.42 A.M / 8.28 A.M By Canning local we will reach Canning. Pick up from Caning Railway Station by Auto heading towards Sonakhali ferry ghat to board on launch.

Now the actual thrill begins. As we board the Sundarban launch and head towards our first destination, Gosaba, the windy Matla Riverand the green vegetation upon its delta is surely to take your heart away from the dun of the city life. The Sundarban launch ride is a huge attraction in itself and does not feel like any other mundane journey. Before we even know it, we will reach Gosaba and our Sundarban tour will get a head start. Breakfast with Drinking water will be served on the launch.

First, the Suburban tourism package will take us to the Sundarbans tour of 2 bungalows, the first is the Beacon bungalow. It is one of the most prominent Sundarban historical Bunglow and is famous because it was Tagore’s abode during his Sundarban tour.

Next, we head towards another of the major Sundarban bunglow that is Hamilton bungalow. Hamilton is called the father of Sundarban and he is said to have established the largest cooperative society in Sundarban. The Sundarbans tour package we offer covers both in details and provides you with an oral guide through the historical stories. Soon you will start to relish the nostalgia of Sundarban trip.

Delicious Lunch will be served on the launch.

The long day of Sundarban tour from Kolkata finally comes to an end as we reach one of the residential Sundarbans hotels at Pakhiralaya Island/ Dayapur and rest to prepare for the second day of Sundarban tour package of 1 night 2 days. Enjoy the enchanting evening with local Folk Caltural program along with Tea and Snacks. Dinner will be served on cruise/ Hotel.

Day 2:

Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve(W.T), Do Banki(W.T),Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve & Musuem (W.T), Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve (W.T), Pirkhali, Gazikhali, Bonbibi Varani, Panchamukhani (5 River Junctions).

Early morning we will start Sundarban delta Safari through boat.

Start Jungle Safari guided by our Govt tourist Guide at Sajnekhali Reserve.

We will start our thrilling Sundarban boat Safari through various rivers , Islands & small Creeks covering Pirkhali, SarakKhali, Gazikhali, Deul Varani, Banbib Varani. In this Tiger Reserve area for our share of viewing animals like spotted deer, crocodile, wild boar, snakes, water monitor lizard, different types of birds and also Royal Bengal Tiger ( if you are lucky).

Visit Do-Banki Tiger Reserve Area & Watch Tower. The 896 meter canopy walk at Do Banki gives you an opportunity to view wildlife from a netted enclosure.

Visit Panchamukhni through Boat.

After this thirilling sundarban national park safari we will reach at Pakhiralaya Village for marketting.

Dinner will be served at Hotel/ Boat.

Bonus — if you are heading on the Sundarbans tour package somewhere around November to March, we have in store for you a special visit to Netidhopani ghat and watchtower. This place has a Hindu mythological legend. It is believed that Behula was called upon by the Hindu Gods to their heavenly abode at this very ghat. This is where she mastered the life-giving chants. The mystic and nostalgic feel of this along with a broken Shiva temple is totally consuming.

Day 3

Pakhir Jungle. Back To Sonakhali

Early morning we will start Boat Safari. Explore the mystical forests while cruising through the dense woods and backwaters. Accompanied by the modern amenities, premiums and facilities, a sundarban launch safari with us can provide you an experience of a lifetime.

Breakfast will be provided in Launch. The menu for the breakfast will be disclosed when opting for the tour. Following the breakfast you can visit the Pakhir Jungle

our Sundarban trip moves towards the Pakhir Jungle. This place is a true paradise for bird lovers and an amusement even for the general lot. The thousands of birds from various species arrive and fly around the island, making it a beautiful destination. This makes Sundarban a great tourist place and brings you closer to the rulers of the sky. During this Journey tourist will spot seven types of kingfisher, black cormorants, egret, pond heron, Brahmani eagles, magpie robin, green bee eaters and above all getting introduced to the lovely mangroves, with surreal creatures like mud skipper fish, fiddler crabs etc.

Lunch will be served on the launch. You can choose the menu that you may want to have on board at the time of opting for the trip. After the lunch we do not have any more visits scheduled and will be heading back.

We will head back to Kolkata with sweet meories.



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